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Q1. Color calibration?

A1: 3DPandoras is base on Canon inkjet printer, CMYK. It means we need to assign the color map to get good result and you are able to adjust parameters for the color on 3DPandoras software.

Original File

Made by 3Dpandoras 

Made by 3d system Projet660


Q2. Printing quality?

A2: You can download the software MeshLab to review the file, please be sure that your file belong high 
resolution that means Vertices should be good if over 400,000 then you can print the quality like below:

Original File

Q3. Material portions?

A3: 55% 3DPandoras gypsum powder, 15% 3DPandoras binder, 5% 3DPandoras ink
(cyan, magenta, yellow, black), 25% 3DPandoras curing agent.

Printed by 3DPandoras







Q4. Material quantity needed?

A4: The need of material quantities varies dramatically among each case, depending on the volume of your models, solid or hollow, thick or thin, tall or short, etc. A set for your first order is 30 kg gypsum powder, 8 liter binder, 3 liter ink, and 14 liter curing agent. Additional set(s) after your estimate can be ordered on 3DPandoras online shop.

Q5. Spare parts?

A5: There are some spare parts. Printer module (US$100 if in warranty), printhead (US$35 if in warranty), ink cartridge with continuous ink supply system (US$19 if in warranty), cleaning system, main board case (US$35 if in warranty). Accessories are also available like vacuum suction (US$1 if in warranty) etc.

Ink Cartridge with Continuous Supply System

Main Board Case 

Printer Module



Vacuum Suction


Q6. Formats of 3D files?

A6: VRML format. Formats of .ply and .obj can be transferred to .wrl 2.0.

Q7. Software?

A7: 3DPandoras uses our own software. You may learn more via the link: https://youtu.be/7pAtrFOSFoc. It also shows in the showroom of our website: www.3dpandoras.com.

Q8. Printer and Materials conservation?
A8: Operating humidity range is 20~55%, non-conditioner and operating temperature range is 15~ 27oC. Materials will be kept in good quality within these conditions as well.



Q9. Prices of the printer, materials, and spare parts?
A9: Please feel free to email 3DPandoras Team: globaltrendtradingtech@gmail.com.

Q10. Time from order to delivery?
A10: Generally speaking, 100~138 days. International transfer payment takes about 3 days. The lead time is 90 days. Air shipping takes 7~10 day; and ocean shipping costs 30~45 days.

Q11. Payment terms and methods?
A11 : Please feel free to email 3DPandoras Team: globaltrendtradingtech@gmail.com.

Q12. Easy to reorder materials?
A12: You are able to order materials from our online shop or directly email us. Air shipping takes 7~10 days, and ocean shipping takes 30~45 days.



Q13. Warranty and support?
A13: We provide 1-year limited warranty. You may email or Skype us anytime, and get response within 24 hours. To learn more details, please refer to Terms of Use.

Q14. Skills of operation and maintenance learning?
A14: We provide online training. You are very welcome to visit us in person to learn the know-how as well.



Q15. Colors of your printer?
Q15: CMYK, full color.

Q16. Build volume?
A16: 300 x 292 x 140 (mm).

Q17. Printing time?
A17: The recommended printing speed of 3DPandoras is 5 mm/hour. It takes approximate 5 hours to print a 13-cm height figurine for example..

Q18. Multi-models printing at a time?
A18: Of course it is able to print as many models as the volume is enough. However, due to avoid fulfilling ink while printing, we recommend users to print 2 ~ 5 models at a time.

Q19. Easy to fulfill ink and binder while printing?
A19: Yes, just inject the ink or binder to bottles. There are 2 windows on the side of 3DPandoras. It helps you to observe the printing. In addition, the 2 doors (upper and lower) of the printer are easy to open anytime.

Q20. Test sample printing?
A20: We are willing to print some models for you. Please provide your files as .wrl 2.0 format. Here is a sample link as your reference:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3jhxmH. You can upload your 3D files to WeTransfer or Google Drive if email is unavailable. Normally, you will receive your printing in 14 days. It is not free, but quite worthy.
Please follow the procedure with this guiding video: https://youtu.be/K63Ls8ZhOJc

Q21. Recommend 3D scanner?
A21: We have portable full-color 3D scanner, called 3DPandoras Era-Color.

Q22. May I download your testing file that you put it on website, then I can make a comparison by myself?
A22: Yes, you can download it from this link. http://www.3dpandoras.com/test_file/test1_chen_baseball.rar



Q1. Our printer is based on Canon 6580, so the error code would be the same. You can check this article first.
A1. fix-your-printer.blogspot.com/2009/06/error-code-6a80-on-canon-printers.html?m=1

Q2. If there are some problem happeded during printing, I want to let you know that you can print the same page in the next time.
. For example: in your first job the printer occurs errors at Page.300, next time you can use the same printing job from Page.301 to the end.

Q3. You have to install "usb serial controller D Driver" We have download link here:

Q4. How to clean the printer before next step?
. You can check this video first.

Q5. How can we do, when air is stucked in your ink pipe ?
A5. https://youtu.be/AoBup8qYmXE

Q6. The "Printer Cleaning" & "Prepare For Printing" instructional video are as below:
. Printer Cleaning

Prepare For Printing

Q7. How to solve encoder issue?
Please follow the steps as below:

A7. Step 1. Prepare a M4 washer placed to the right side of the encoder holder. Shown as below.







Step 2. Fasten the screw to let the encoder axis parallel with the printer. Shown as below.







Step 3. Through adjust the screw, let the X-axis of the encoder, to parallel with the printer. Shown as below.







Q8. Before printing, how do we pave the powder to the right to make the surface flat?
A8. Step 1. First you have to lower the build plate, which has 0.1 inch height above the plane. Shown as below.







Step 2. Use a shovel to spread the powder on the bulid plate. Shown as below.







Step 3. Press the spreader roller key then keep it back and forth ,to smooth the plate. Shown as below.







Q9. Furthermore, the powder seems to be not enough, so how can I deposit more powder for each layer?
You can use these two knobs to adjust the powder amount. The left one controls the time ,and the right one controls the distance, you can increase both of them to add the powder amount. Shown as below.







Q10. How to increase the speed?
The speed shouldn't too fast at this stage, but we are still trying to update asap.

Q11. When can I and how do I calibrate the printer?
To ensure the printing operation will be alright.
You don't need to operate and calibrate the printer, but you should check the encoder directly, if there's some of the powder covered the encoder, we can use a blown tool to blow the encoder's surface. Shown as below.







Q12. Is it possible to stop the printer, to fill the color or the binder up during printing, and how to do that?
A12. During the printing process, you can press "pause" button to stop printing, then you can fill the color or the binder up. Shown as below.





Q13. What liquid do you usually clean the printer?
A13. Furthermore, you can choose a bottle of 1 kg liquid cleaning.

Q14. How to cleaning the nozzle?
A14. Please use the "built-in cleaning mode", but don't use "the deep cleaning mode", because it will hurt the nozzle. Shown as below.





Q15. Which setting of the printer driver will effect the printing results, and makes change reasonable. For a stronger colors or something like that?
A15. In this period, we can only choose this mode, shown as below. Because it relationship with our firmware, However we will still update the color asap.







Q16. How to solve the issue if there is warning code #6A80 always come out? 
A16. A 6A80 error belongs to the cleaning problem. If this happened, please follow below steps.

Step 1. First, please use these three screws to lock the stud. Shown as below.





Step 2.After finish the first step, you will see the distance between the printer and the stud. Shown as below.







Then you need to skew the stud and lock the screws. Shown as below.







Step 3.When finished these two steps, please confirm the printer's X axis and Y axis are vertical to the relative part or not, if there's no need to adjust these screws. Shown as below.







Step 4. When the printer cleaning, please confirm the blade's operation smooth. Shown as below.







Step 5. When each figurines has finished printing, the clean part of the printer, and the encoder need to do some simple clean. So the printer can be lasting it's lifetime longer. Shown as below.







Q17. The object seems always places on the right side of the building platform.
A17. This is the encoder problem, please follow the steps as below.
Step 1. Prepare a M4 washer placed on the right side of the encoder holder. Shown as below.






Step 2. By adjusting the screw so that the encoder axis parallel with the printer, as shown in Figure






Step 3. Adjust the belt tension so that the axis of encoder rotate smooth,as shown in Figure







Q18. We still have the problem that the powder does not enough.
A18. Step 1. First, loosen the screws and separate the connector, then you can removing the powder tank. shown as below.







Step 2. Check whether the bottom of the powder box close to the rubber stick, Shown as below.







Step 3. The usage of the software is to check whether the feeding operation is a stable linear action.







Step 4. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw. Shown as below.







Step 5. When these things were separated, you can start to adjust the position and confirm whether is the slider 'flat' or not. See attached file,insufficient the amount of powder is because of the slider stroke is not enough, so we need to adjust the mechanism position.







Q19. How to clean the powder platform?

Q20. How to clean the brush of roller?

Q21. How to clean encoder and encoder scale?

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